• Kaik ogata

    Kaik Ogata

    July 17, 2015 by Kaik ogata

    Kaik Ogata is a good boy who insults autistic people for no reason and steal other characters.

    He basically wants all Lawl wikis to be like Encyclopedia Dramatica in Orlando.

    Kaik Ogata will get out of his table and pulls out the ground.

    While pressing B, Kaik Ogata will get out of the propane tank and smells like gas. While pressing A, now Kaik Ogata will throw the propane tank away, before you get out of the heaven, press B to cancel this move from him.

    He grabs the enemy and trap. The opponent can escape the fire extinguish before running on them.

    It is just the mini version of John DiMicco's Final Smash. It's easy, Press A to use and press B to patch.

    When you press down B, Kaik Ogata will get out of the psychovisions. Characters can't use t…

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  • WWEfan45

    Bad News Barrett rocks :D

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